Queen, formed in 1971 by Brian May, Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury and John Deacon reigned supreme over the world’s rock charts for over 20 years.

Freddie Mercury was regarded as one of the greatest vocalists, bandleaders, songwriters and live performers of the 20th Century, leading Queen to nearly 20 worldwide #1 hits. His persona, stage presence, and ability to mix & mingle song genres was never (and arguably has never) been matched to this day.

Freddie Freddie

Brian May, having made his own “Red Special” guitar at the age of 17 is one of the greatest guitarists ever to have lived! One of the reasons why the Queen sound is so diverse is because of the instantly recognisable and unique sound of the Red Special coupled with Brian’s revolutionary use of layering, orchestrations and some of the most technically brilliant, yet catchy solos ever performed.

The archetypal 70’s and 80’s rock star drummer, Roger Taylor is one of the tightest and unique sounding rock drummers of the 20th century. With an instantly recognisable sound, Rog is the coolest of cool…

Add to the lineup one of the grooviest and smartest bass players ever, John Deacon (who wrote Queen’s biggest selling single, Another One Bites The Dust), and you have a deadly combination!

Queen pioneered stadium rock and were one of the hardest working tour acts the world has ever seen, playing over 700 shows between 1971 and 1986, with their performance at Live Aid in 1985 voted many times over as the best live performance of all time.

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the most well-known songs ever written and is the only single ever to reach #1 both upon its original release AND upon it’s re- release, in 1991 becoming Britain’s #1 selling single of all time.

Another One Bites The Dust was Queen’s biggest selling single of all time worldwide, with sales of over 7 million copies, becoming the only single ever to top the Billboard Hot 100, The R&B Top 100 and the Disco Top 100 charts in America, all at the same time!!

And to top it all off, Queen’s Greatest Hits album is the highest selling album of all time in the UK!!

The seemingly endless dominance and energy of Queen, sadly did not last forever.

After a long battle with the AIDS Virus, Freddie Mercury passed away on November 24th, 1991.

Freddie & Queen’s legacy is enormous, with music that endears itself to fans across the entire spectrum of age, gender & nationality worldwide.

As a lifelong fan and devotee to the music of Queen, Gareth Hill had dreamed of playing the part of Freddie in a live show, ever since his untimely and premature death in 1991. It was with great trepidation that he approached this concept, knowing that a less than stellar representation of Queen’s magic would not be acceptable. It had to be brilliant!

Gareth Freddie

The Australian Queen Tribute Show was formed in 2006. After a few line up changes, hundreds of rehearsals and countless hours of planning & preparation, the band was finally ready in late 2008. And the results were simply spectacular!

With absolutely no reliance on backing tracks, with all songs in the original keys and with a stage show that brings the brilliance and magic of Queen alive like no other, The Australian Queen Tribute Show are simply the best sounding, best looking and most technically accurate Queen Tribute anywhere in the world!

The formula is simple. Sound like Queen, perform like Queen, look like Queen and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it!

Since 2008 the band has toured the breadth & width of Australia, bringing the magic of Queen to dozens of country areas and racking up countless kilometres and frequent flier miles!! You name it, The Australian Queen Tribute Show have done it!

Gareth Hill as Freddie Mercury has to be seen to be believed. His mind blowing ‘Freddie-esque’ vocal range, stage antics and amazing likeness for Freddie Mercury are a sight and sound to behold!

Cecilia!!Palms at Crown 004Scotty Hotpants as the inimitable Brian May replicates the licks of Brian with such accuracy that even die-hard fans are left amazed! The trusty Red Special by his side, Vox AC30 amp to pump out that huge sound, curly mop to match and a lanky stature to boot, you’ll have to look (and listen) twice…

The ever reliable bass player of the band is played by Darryn McLaughlin… Let’s just say that the staid and sensible John Deacon is played to perfection.

Queen’s drummer, Roger Taylor had a style which cannot be mistaken and Brad Hodge as Roger doesn’t miss a beat… With a replica of the Wembley ’86 drumkit, the blond locks, Raybans and attitude to go with it, it’s ‘almost’ Roger Taylor in the flesh!!

So if it’s Queen you want? It’s Queen you can have!!!

Check out our Upcoming Events and see The Australian Queen Tribute Show for an experience that you’ll never forget!