Brad Scream as Roger Taylor

Frankston RSL 2013 - 48Brad Scream is the ‘jack of all trades’ of the band. Whether it’s working as a DJ in Australia’s premier Gentleman’s Club, Spearmint Rhino, running his successful promotions company, Scream Productions or doing an incredible job as Roger Taylor in The Australian Queen Tribute Show, Brad always has something on the go!

And it’s always been that way for Braddles. At the age of 5, Brad started playing the drums. Surrounded by amazing musicians, talented actors & brilliant comics, Brad’s family owned & ran the famous John Hancocks Theatre Restaurants in Melbourne. By the time he was 8, he was performing in the show, waiting on tables and making himself quite a bit of pocket money in the process!!

With that sort of apprenticeship, it was no surprise that Brad was touring Australia in bands from the age of 14! And with band names like The Boston Bun Munchers and Uncle Chester, amongst many, many others, you’re on the money if you’ve guessed that Brad has given audiences a great deal of joy & entertainment over the years!

Brad has circled the globe countless times and played many roles. It was in 2002 however, that Brad took on his most infamous role yet! As the pierced, bald & back-beating madman in Subsonic Symphonee, Brad was in his element, touring Europe & America, thrilling fans of the innovative Industrial Metal line up with his wicked beats, all played live and at a hectic pace!

After 2 albums and great success, especially in the Austrian Gothic & Metal scene, Brad decided to change direction in 2006, opting to leave Subsonic and to return to his home town, Melbourne. He often tells the story of sitting at Flinders St, in the full gothic garb with piercings galore, and coming to the realisation that this was home and that he was glad to be back.

Frankston Cultural Centre - 051

It was a mere 2 years later and Brad was already hankering to be back in the music scene. So when presented with the opportunity to join the fledgling Queen Tribute being put together by Gareth Hill in late 2008, he jumped at the chance, roping in friends and fellow Subsonic Symphonee band mates, Scotty Hotpants & Darryn McLaughlin to complete the line-up.

The Australian Queen Tribute Show had been a band of fits & starts with Gareth frustrated at how long the band was taking to properly form. That is until Brad came along. With his wise head, years of experience and endless enthusiasm, the band grew more in the coming 12 weeks than it had in the previous 2 years!

Absolutely committed to playing the role of Roger Taylor to perfection, Brad has set up an exact replica Roger Taylor’s kit from Wembley ’86 and has Roger’s unmistakable playing style down pat . He is sponsored by Zildjian Cymbals & Billy Hyde Music.