Darryn McLaughlin as John Deacon

Darryn “Dazzla” McLaughlin was born in Rangiora, New Zealand in 1973!

Now, put aside those “sheep shagger” jokes you’re probably all thinking of right now and let’s get into some Dazzla history!

Darren is a career Muso. One of those guys who drives a beat up old car and barely puts up with the day to day work world, just to get on that stage and ply his craft! I think he even sleeps with his guitar!

In his home country, Darren is quite well known in the Metal scene having played bass in a very well-known Kiwi band, Tempest between 1992 and 1997, releasing 3 videos and 2 albums.


Changing their name to 7 Tongues in 1997, they eventually released a further 2 videos and 2 more albums. If you jump on Youtube, Dazzla’a exploits aren’t too hard to find.

He moved to Australia in 2001, playing gigs around Melbourne for 2 more years, until eventually 7 Tongues was no more.

After a few years out of the spotlight, Darren eventually joined the infamous Subsonic Syphonee in 2006, just in time to play (what would become) their swansong gig at the Whiskey a-GoGo in Los Angeles and quite a few gigs in front of thousands of Austrian gothics!!

Now if all of this isn’t enough and by chance Darren was left feeling a little unfulfilled, along comes the greatest opportunity of all!!


In June 2008, Darren was asked by long term friend and fellow Subsonic Symphonee band member, Brad Scream, to play the part of John Deacon in The Australian Queen Tribute Show.

With a more than passing resemblance to the great John Deacon and the demeanour to match, Darren was the perfect pick. Not to mention his silky smooth licks on the bass, Darren is almost Deacon in the flesh!

Now Dazzla, is quite picky about his Facebook friends, however, you can always friend request him and see what happens. Click on the logo below to see his page!