Scott Bastian as Brian May

Scott Bastian, or ‘Hotpants’ as he is known to a legion of female fans, is the backbone of the Australian Queen Tribute Show. His absolute and unadulterated dedication to the replication of the sights, sounds and persona of the honourable Brian May are second to none!

Scotty’s career however, had what some would call humble beginnings. Like many other hopefuls, Scotty started his obsession with the guitar in high school…

Palms at Crown 028

Scotty’s star rose quickly, eventually deciding to make music his full time career in the year 2000, initially spoiling the local Melbourne public with his licks alongside the reverend Daniel Hagen.

He went on to play over 1300 shows in 7 years throughout Melbourne, Tasmania and beyond.


In 2002, Scotty joined the infamous and very successful, Subsonic Symphonee which lead him to perform in 2 tours of Europe and another in the US, playing alongside Brad & Dazzla at the Whiskey A Go Go. A quick search of Youtube and you’ll easily find this ground breaking act.

Throughout this period Scotty idolised one guitarist like no other. The inimitable Brian May. Over the years, Scotty purchased all of Queen’s sheet music books, dreaming one day of tackling his anthemic riffs and unmistakable solos… Scotty was somewhat intimidated by the sheer skill of Brian May, despite his own achievements and so amazingly he never really tried to play any Queen tracks…

So when asked by long term friend (and co-muso, Brad Scream) to audition for The Australian Queen Tribute Show in 2008, he literally jumped at the chance! Purchasing a Red Special just for the audition, Scotty made sure he was the absolute best on show. And let me tell you, he’s never looked back…

The Manhattan045

Committed to a simple yet accurate replication of the Brian May sound, Scotty packs with him all the gear in the Brian May arsenal… The Red Special (of course!!), Treble Boost and a VOX AC30TBX pushed to it’s limits.

If you haven’t seen Scotty in action yet, you’re in for a treat you’ll find no-where else…

And finally, no biography of Scotty Hotpants would be complete without mentioning his passion for technology and in particular, the art of videography.

Scotty has been collecting and learning and honing his videography skills for quite a few years now and is about to launch his own business in this area!!

Stay tuned to our blog for news of this new business!