Welcome to our new site!!

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Welcome to our new site!!

The biggest news this month is low and behold, this new website!!! After weeks and weeks of slaving over a hot Macbook Pro, Gareth has put together a new site for the band. It was time to update!!

Have a look around… You’ll find lots of cool photos, a full catalog of our Upcoming Events as well as every show we’ve ever done in the past in Past Events.

There are new Photo Galleries, an animated Home page and there’s of course, this BLOG!!

Keep an eye on the page as we will start adding sections to the blog and announcing the latest news on a regular basis. Not just our own news, but news about the latest happenings in the Queen world!!

Let us know what you think of the new site by commenting on this post and if you REALLY love it, let us know on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/taqts



4 thoughts on “Welcome to our new site!!

  1. Awesome, thanks Donna!

    We have secret squirrel plans to make certain people Blog Admins!! I think you know what I mean!! hehe!

    Interesting huh!

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