The Australian Queen Tribute Show Australia's GREATEST Queen Tribute Show! Sat, 08 Sep 2018 18:19:37 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 120717837 Tribute Mania is nearly here!! Sun, 07 Aug 2016 10:16:35 +0000


Tribute Mania will explode onto the Palais Theatre’s iconic rock ‘n roll stage with simply the best sounding, best looking and most technically accurate tributes anywhere in the world! The formula is simple. Sound like the artist, perform like the artist and look like the artist …then have a hell of a lot of fun doing it!

Bjorn Again – The World’s No.1 ABBA Show
The Australian Queen Tribute Show – The Closest You Will Ever Get to a 1980’s Queen Concert
Elton Jack Show– The World’s Most Loved Elton John Show
The Beatnix – The World’s First Beatles Tribute Show and Still Going Strong
and introducing The Spicy Girls – Australia’s First Spice Girls Tribute Show

A spectacular fully-staged show, Tribute Mania is like no other tribute show you have ever seen. Paying tribute to five of the biggest bands in the world from the 1960s to the 2000s you will experience the best songs ever written as they were meant to be heard, live and in concert. At Australia’s No.1 theatre concert venue, the Palais Theatre, you can expect big sound, big lighting, big performances and five times the fun.

Show us your Dancing Queen moves with the legendary BJORN AGAIN, Crocodile Rock the night away with the uncanny ELTON JACK SHOW, the mind-blowing THE AUSTRALIAN QUEEN TRIBUTE SHOW Will Rock You, sing out loud With A Little Help From Our Friends THE BEATNIX and tell THE SPICY GIRLS what you want, what you really, really want!


Get tickets here: GET TICKETS
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Gary Bradshaw’s Review of Queen & Adam Lambert at Rod Laver Arena Fri, 29 Aug 2014 23:35:48 +0000 Adam Lambert is perfectly suited to his role in Queen. He plays Adam Lambert perfectly.

Camp, glittery, sultry and pouty, Adam leads the audience through the catalogue of Queen material with such flair and confidence that hardened Queen fans took no time at all to start dancing in the aisles.

The Taylor family dominates the rhythm section. Roger and Rufus Taylor, Father and son, alternate between drummer and percussionist and even have a short drum battle mid show. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; Rufus smashes the skins like the best of them. Playing drums in the band whilst your Dad and Brian May perform right in front of you must be such a buzz for the young man. I hope he doesn’t take it for granted, I am sure he has been doing this his whole life. What a damn honour!

Brian May is master of his domain. His guitar squeals in ecstasy from start to finish, including a 10 minute solo. Brian seemed genuinely happy and humble to be strutting the stage, not a single look of the arrogance you could allow him, given his stellar career. I am not sure how many guitar changes there was, but the guitar tech earns his money on this gig!

There are a couple of other guys on stage and making music but this show is all about Mr Taylor, Adam Lambert and Dr Brian May, (he has a PhD in astrophysics)

There is even a sprinkle of Freddie during a couple of songs. You would have to see this to appreciate it, Freddie’s vocals played via massive video screens, along with the live instruments, was a feature I didn’t expect. It was only a couple of short pieces and paid homage to the man in such a cool way.

Nearly 30 songs were played including a couple of encores: ‘We will rock you’ and ‘We are the champions.’ You realise how many great songs this band had at a gig like this.

Well over 2 hours of amazing entertainment came to an end all too soon. When the lights came on, you could see smiles everywhere, high fives, cuddles and laughter. Unanimous in praise of both the show and Adam, everyone I spoke to after the gig was very positive and many were off to secure tickets to Saturdays show.

I could not think of a better person to be fronting this band today, Adam Lambert, You DID rock us!

Long live Queen

Gary Bradshaw

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‘It isn’t the same; I’m not Freddie’: Adam Lambert is facing Queen fans’ doubts head on Wed, 27 Aug 2014 12:39:23 +0000


Despite having been together off and on for some five years, Queen and Adam Lambert still must deal every night with the specter of Freddie Mercury — both on stage, as they perform the band’s greatest hits, but also among those who think Queen’s late frontman is simply irreplaceable.

Lambert, whose world tour with Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor is continuing in Australia, is facing those kind of questions head on.

“Some critics might say, it’s not the same and he’s not Freddie,” Lambert tells Today: Entertainment in Australia. “Those are very true things. It isn’t the same; I’m not Freddie. I’m aware of that, but I think these two amazing musicians still want to get on stage and entertain people. I think that they have that right. And these songs need to be brought to live on stage by the originators.”

This, of course, isn’t the first time that Queen has appeared with another frontman since Mercury’s untimely early-1990s death from AIDS-related illnesses. But it’s becoming their longest-tenured association with another singer. And that’s something May says he and Taylor have taken very seriously.

“In our minds, that was kind of the litmus test the whole time — would Freddie like this?” May says. “And we don’t have any doubt whatsoever that Freddie would love it. He would be a little jealous, I think.”


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Review: Queen and Adam Lambert at Perth Arena Sun, 24 Aug 2014 07:46:10 +0000

QUEEN and Adam Lambert kicked off their Australian tour with a sensational sold-out show at Perth Arena last night.

Original guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor and Lambert opened the first tour of the country by the legendary British rock band since 1985 with Now I’m Here — the start of a two-hour, hit-filled extravaganza.

Dressed head-to-toe in leather, gold and studs, Lambert confidently danced his way through Stone Cold Crazy, Another One Bites The Dust and Fat Bottomed Girls, while May made use of his guitar-cam, showing off his fast finger work and giving the audience a unique perspective on Taylor’s drumming.

Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell.

Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell.


You would be forgiven for a certain level of scepticism when it comes to an American Idol runner-up stepping into the shoes of Freddie Mercury, the revered, one-of-a-kind frontman, who died in 1991 from an AIDS-related illness.

But Lambert is a flamboyant, born-performer with astonishing vocal range and an infectious energy that commands attention — and, perhaps most importantly, he never tries to imitate Mercury.

From the notes he hits to the way he struts and thrusts around on stage, Lambert puts his own spin on the performance — no doubt only too aware of the level of risk and judgment involved in daring to share a stage with Queen.

Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell

Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell


He’s bursting with a fresh energy and surprisingly funny, playing with the theatricality of it all and the chemistry on stage was subsequently palpable.

“We all love Freddie so much and I’m proud to be up here singing these songs with these gentlemen,” Lambert said at one point during the show.

Draped across a regal-looking chair, Lambert hammed it up for Killer Queen before spitting a mouthful of champagne on the audience.

Chatting to the crowd in what he dubbed his “Oprah Moment” in the lead-up to Somebody to Love he joked that some were not entertained by “this self-help bulls**t”.

“The men in the audience are like ‘f**k off, get on with it’,” he laughed, feigning an Aussie accent.

Queen with Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell.

Queen with Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell.


I Want It All, was followed by May’s chance to shine in the spotlight. Grabbing an acoustic guitar and taking a seat on the stage’s catwalk he addressed “the beautiful people of Perth, Western Australia”.

“If you feel like joining in, let’s do this for Freddie, OK?”, May said before a tender rendition of Love of My Life, during which Mercury appeared, singing with May, on the giant screen in the background.

May wiped tears from his face before lightening the mood by bringing out a “selfie stick” to immortalise the moment with the crowd.

“I’ll be tweeting that,” he laughed.

Brian May. Photo: Jackson Flindell

Brian May. Photo: Jackson Flindell


The entire band, sans Lambert, joined May on the catwalk for an acoustic performance of ’39 before Taylor took to vocals on a beautiful rendition of These Are The Days of Our Lives, which featured moving old clips of Mercury and the band on the big screen.

Taylor and his son Rufus, who plays drums in the backing band, then engaged in an thrashing and thunderous drum-battle before Lambert returned to stage to share vocal duties with Taylor for Under Pressure, followed by Dragon Attack and Who Wants To Live Forever.

“I have to have a word with you — What do you think of the new guy?,” May asked the crowd who answered with an almighty scream and applause.

Queen with Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell

Queen with Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell


May certainly proved he still had it with an epic guitar solo lasting more than 10 minutes before Tie Your Mother Down, I Want To Break Free, Radio Ga Ga, which featured a shout out to Lady Gaga for her performance in Perth on Wednesday.

It was thrilling to watch how much May and Taylor still enjoyed live performance as they grinned and laughed constantly throughout the show.

Queen with Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell

Queen with Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell


Crazy Little Thing Called Love was a vocal highlight for Lambert, which was followed by the fitting finale of Bohemian Rhapsody, featuring close-up clips of Mercury singing interspersed between Lambert’s vocals.

Queen and Lambert, who was decked out in a leopard print suit and glamorous crown, returned to the stage for a rocking encore of We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions, during which confetti cannons covered the crowd in gold.

Sure, it’s not Queen as you knew it with Mercury, but it doesn’t pretend to be.

It is, however, a spectacular evening of rock ‘n’ roll, enormous talent and a heck of a lot of fun.


Queen with Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell.

Queen with Adam Lambert. Photo: Jackson Flindell.

Queen and Adam Lambert next play two shows in Sydney before heading to Melbourne and Brisbane.


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Is the Freddie Mercury Biopic On Hold Again? Thu, 07 Aug 2014 10:17:23 +0000 Will this movie EVER actually happen??

The UK Telegraph recently reported that Ben Wishaw has stated that the biopic may be on hold.

Here is the article by Tim Walker of the

It is getting on for a year since Brian May, the guitarist with the pop group Queen, told me that Ben Whishaw had the part of Freddie Mercury in the bag for the much talked about film of his life.

So when will Whishaw actually set about the business of rocking us? “Actually, I don’t know what’s happening, it seems to be on the back-burner,” the Paddington star now admits in an interview with Time Out London. “It was going, then there were problems getting the script working.”

May told me last November: “We’ve been talking to Ben and we’re very keen and last time we spoke he was very keen. Casting Freddie is hard. It’s a lot of things we need, but we need to get his essence.”

Sacha Baron Cohen had earlier been touted for the role.

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Everything We Know About The New Queen Album So Far Tue, 05 Aug 2014 13:36:59 +0000 Queen sent their die-hard fans into a frenzy at the end of the last year when they announced they were putting together a brand new album.

Rumours have been floating around for years about the iconic rock group making a new album, but now with proof that it is indeed happening, we’ve tried to find out everything we can about it.

The group signed a lucrative deal with Universal at the end of last year to release ‘Queen Forever, the band’s sixteenth studio album and their first since Made In Heaven. It will be the first original Queen release since the Mercury tribute single ‘No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)’ in 1997, so it’s time to get excited for Queen’s return.


Christmas release


When May announced the title in a radio interview with BBC Radio Wales on 23 May (at the Hay Festival) he stated that the record should be released in late 2014. We think that makes complete sense as this deluxe compilation will work as a perfect Christmas Gift (even if you’re a Queen fan who’s gifting it it yourself…).


‘Love Kills’

3529995_3597137_Adam Lambert with Queen at Press Conference - Queen Album 2014 GalleryAlthough many hated it (it was up at the 1985 Razzie Awards for Worst Original Song) ‘Love Kills’ did chart at No.10 in the UK and has become a cult favourite among hardcore Queen fans. The band have recently been playing it live during their tour in the States and before the tour began Adam Lambert said the track had been reworked by the band and to expect it on the album.


Michael Jackson


It’s no secret that Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson tried collaborating on a few songs. Allegedly the union fell apart because Jackson kept bringing his pet llama into the studio. But it seems that now we’re finally going to hear the products of those sessions. Roger Taylor recently revealed: “We are now working on some never-before-released songs that Freddie made with Michael in the early 80’s. But I’m not allowed to say too much about it but they sound incredible.” We’re excited about it to say the least.


Big, Epic Sound

Freddie Mercury

Brian May has said that most of the material on the record “comes from the ’80’s when we were in full flight. It is quite emotional. It is the big, big ballads and the big, big epic sound,” and subsequently compared it to the band’s last album ‘Made in Heaven’. Therefore, we wholeheartedly expect it to cause mass sing-alongs and to be blasted at the highest volume possible.


William Orbit

9564856_William Orbit - Queen Album 2014 Gallery

The Grammy award winning producer who has worked with the likes of Blur and Madonna recently took to Twitter to confirm that he will be producing the new Queen album. On 29 July he tweeted: “Am definitely working with QUEEN. Amazing songs. That’s all I’m sayin 4 now. Watch this space.


Accompanying Film

At the end of 2013, Queen signed a major record deal with Universal and a statement from the label said that the new deal ‘will herald a range of exciting projects from the band including a raft of rare and unreleased material and a film.’ A Freddie Mercury biopic starring Ben Whishaw has been confirmed, but who knows what other audio-visual delights are in the pipeline with the album release?

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Freddie Mercury’s Phantom – Article from NZ’s Sunday Star Times Sun, 03 Aug 2014 21:15:49 +0000 How strange to be Adam Lambert. Here he is, a global pop star in his own right, now touring the world playing understudy to a ghost.

In 2009, Lambert was runner-up on American Idol. He has since topped the US singles charts, and made two albums that sold a couple of million copies. His solo career has taken root in unexpected places: in 2012, he was the only Westerner invited to sing on China’s most popular TV show, his performance beamed out to 520 million viewers. But for the past few years, he has become best known for slipping into a dead man’s leather pants and heading out on the road as frontman with Queen.

In many ways, it makes perfect sense. As a flamboyant gay man with abundant charm, a killer voice and a penchant for glam theatrics, he is three-quarters of the way there. But he is not Freddie Mercury.

“No, that’s true,” agrees Lambert, who is backstage in a Toronto dressing room getting ready for a sold-out Queen show.

“I was extremely apprehensive the first few times I fronted this band, because I was so intimidated by their legacy. Freddie Mercury was such an iconic vocalist, a once in a lifetime star, and their songs are fabulous. Plus you’ve got Brian [May] on guitar and Roger [Taylor] on drums, who are such great players. But they made me feel comfortable, and we have fun. Playing with these guys is an amazing adventure. It’s making me a better live performer, and it also makes me think about what kind of artist I could be.”

Is he the champion, my friends? Will he, will he rock us? Scaramouche, Scaramouche, can he do the fandango? We will soon see, as Lambert fronts Queen when they perform here in early September, their first tour to New Zealand since 1985.

How did he land the gig? “When I did the American Idol finale, Queen were invited to perform with me because I had sung Bohemian Rhapsody in my initial audition. It felt like a really nice, natural connection, so we kept in touch, then I did the MTV Awards and some stadium shows with them two years ago in Europe, including the Hammersmith Apollo, which was an old stomping ground of theirs. We had a lot of fun and wanted to do it again, so here we are, on our most extensive tour yet.”

The reviews so far have been excellent, with Lambert praised for “revitalising the franchise”, putting his own spin on the songs while channelling the energy and arch wit of the dearly departed Mercury.

A trawl around the net uncovers splendid live photos of the hungry young pretender in his pomp at 32, strutting around enormous arenas, reclining on a purple velvet chaise lounge wearing a glittering crown, striking all the right triumphant poses, cutting a lithe and youthful figure alongside original guitarist May, now 67, with his alarming afro of luxuriant grey curls.

Behind them, Taylor, 65, complements the frontline’s aural assault with his bombastic battery, thundering away at the drums, his 23-year-old son, Rufus Tiger Taylor, playing back-up on a second drumkit at his side. Former bassist John Deacon, meanwhile, retired in 1997, and is presumably ambling around one of his stately homes somewhere while replacement Neil Fairclough does the business in his stead.

In the course of the show, Lambert rattles through half a dozen costume changes, the leather, lycra and leopard-print creations modelled on classic Freddie fashions of their day. On a good night through a monster PA, with more lights on show than many Third World cities and those familiar anthems belting out one after another, I imagine the effect would be spectacular, especially when viewed through aging eyes misty with nostalgia.

But it must be a tough gig, analogous, perhaps, to the tours undertaken by The Doors or INXS once their defining frontmen lay indisposed beneath six feet of cold clay. Not everyone approves. Some fans remain outraged that May and Taylor continue to perform under the Queen banner minus Mercury, and the duo was much maligned after previous tours fronted by former Bad Company singer, Paul Rodgers. Which presumably puts a lot of pressure on Lambert.

How does he stop the current tour coming across as an elaborately staged karaoke cash-in?

“Has Freddie Mercury left me big shoes to fill? Of course. That’s why I have such fabulous shoes on tour. You should see my f…..’ heels! But fortunately, Freddie and I have some things in common. We’re both big, loud singers, but our voices are different, so finding my own voice within the songs has been an interesting challenge. It’s important to put my own stamp on them without straying too far from the originals. The key

is to be mindful of the original intention of the songs. What is the emotional core of this song? What feeling is it trying to generate in the listener? I try to focus on that.”

Certainly, Lambert is one of few contemporary male singers who could convincingly match Mercury vocally. Born in Indiana, raised in California, he has a truly staggering vocal range, leaping the octaves with little loss of power and hitting notes above High C. Fellow rock screamer Meat Loaf even claimed in a 2012 interview that only two other popular singers had a voice to equal Lambert’s: Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston.

He grew up doing a lot of musical theatre, he says, and was only nine when Mercury died of an Aids-related illness in 1991. “When I was a kid, I didn’t listen to a lot of rock music. But I started falling in love with rock’n’roll in my early 20s, and when I got into the Queen back catalogue, it struck me how unique they were. What sets them apart from a lot of other iconic bands is their diversity. There are funk songs, some heavy blues-rock, catchy pop tunes, theatrical glam-rock songs, baroque operetta pieces – they really pushed the envelope musically.”

They also, lest we forget, challenged a few gender stereotypes along the way, and I don’t just mean that spendid video for I Want To Break Free where Mercury does the hoovering in a frock. During the 70s, coded band-name aside, Queen was just another band with a closeted singer who believed his sexual orientation might be poison to record buyers.

But during the 80s, with the encouragement of his straight bandmates, Mercury was more open about his homosexuality, and Queen helped gay culture gatecrash the mainstream pop world. As one of America’s few openly gay pop stars, does Lambert appreciate the band’s politics as well as its music?

“I do. But the funny thing about the gay connection with Freddie is that, despite the fact that there are a lot of veiled references to his sexuality in his lyrics, most people totally missed that at the time. The only thing that was blatantly connected to the gay community was some of the fashion he put forward, like the black leather biker hat and sunglasses and moustache, which was a key look in the early 80s gay scene in New York. But a lot of the stuff he was doing in the 70s wasn’t considered gay, because glam rock already played with a lot of gender conventions. People like David Bowie, Lou Reed and Marc Bolan all tried to look androgynous, whether they were gay or not. For most of them, it was just a look.”

What he really did appreciate, says Lambert, was Mercury’s ability to go “way over the top” without alienating his audience.

“Sometimes the idea of camp confuses people in today’s media. They don’t always get the fact that melodrama can be fabulously entertaining. But I really love performers that go down that road, and go there with conviction. Freddie was a master of that. Sadly, a lot of contemporary rock bands have lost that knack, though that theatricality still lives on with a lot of modern female performers. The costume changes, the dancers, the elaborate themed staging – that’s what modern pop music is about, and Queen helped create the environment for that.”

Lambert needs to go. He’s on stage in less than an hour, and he has some tight leathers to wriggle into. After 30 minutes in his calm and thoughtful company, I am a good deal less cynical about his decision to ascend, for a short time at least, to the throne.

After all, you have to admire a person who takes on a controversial commission like this and plays it to the hilt without irony. Lambert seems to have wholeheartedly embraced his role as a latter-day Mercury surrogate, not attempting to directly copy the man so much as using his powerhouse voice to celebrate an inspirational showman’s life.

There’s even a posthumous duet of sorts; at one point in the show, Lambert trades verses with video footage of Mercury singing Bohemian Rhapsody live at Wembley Stadium during the 1980s.

“I tell you, New Zealand is in for a treat. The tour so far has been a blast, with audiences going absolutely crazy. Yes, there’s a huge sense of nostalgia for people, but that’s fine by me. The idea of this tour, really, is to remind the audience of this band’s legacy. Even though I’m a new singer for them, we didn’t want to make a new version of Queen; we wanted to remind people what was so great about them in the first place.”

Queen + Adam Lambert Auckland’s Vector Arena on September 3 and 4. or

– Sunday Star Times

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Producer of new Queen album featuring Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson vocals is revealed Sat, 02 Aug 2014 02:00:26 +0000

William Orbit is overseeing songs for probable pre-Christmas release

William Orbit has confirmed he is producing Queen’s new album based on unreleased vocals by late singer Freddie Mercury. Orbit announced the news in a tweet which said: “Am definitely working with QUEEN. Amazing songs. That’s all I’m saying for now. Watch this space.”

Am definitely working with QUEEN. Amazing songs. That’s all I’m sayin 4 now. Watch this space.

&mdash; William Orbit (@WilliamOrbit) July 29, 2014

Queen guitarist Brian May confirmed in May that he and drummer Roger Taylor were working on the album, which is likely to be called ‘Queen Forever’ and is believed to be released before Christmas.

“We had to start from scratch,” May told BBC Radio Wales of the new recording sessions. “Knowing how it would have happened if we’d finished the songs, I can sit there and make it happen with modern technology. It’s quite emotional. It’s the big, big Queen ballads and the big, big epic sound.” May added that Mercury’s vocals for the album were recorded in the 1980s.

Orbit, who has produced Blur, Madonna and Britney Spears, previously announced in July 2013 that he was producing a duet between Mercury and Michael Jackson, which is likely to feature on the new Queen album.

Mercury and Jackson recorded three unreleased songs during the sessions for Jackson’s classic 1982 album ‘Thriller’. The three songs were subsequently re-recorded, but not as Jackson/Mercury duets. ‘Victory’ and ‘State Of Shock’ were sung by The Jacksons on their 1984 album ‘Victory’, with ‘State Of Shock’ featuring Mick Jagger singing what would have been Mercury’s vocals. ‘There Must Be More To Life Than This’ is on Mercury’s 1985 solo album ‘Mr Bad Guy’. Jackson and Mercury’s demo of ‘State Of Shock’ can be heard below. It isn’t known which of the three songs will feature on the new album.


The new album will be Queen’s second to feature vocals based on unreleased Mercury vocals since the singer’s death in 1991. ‘Made In Heaven’, released in 1995, featured bassist John Deacon, but he has since left the band and won’t feature on the new album.

Queen have also released an album, 2008’s ‘The Cosmos Rocks’, featuring Free’s Paul Rodgers as singer. Rodgers left in 2009, with American Idol winner Adam Lambert Queen’s vocalist since 2012.


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Kyneton Bowls Club Review by Sarah Batt Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:30:56 +0000

Gareth Hill (as Freddie Mercury) rocks the Kyneton Bowling Club.

The Australian Queen Tribute Show will rock The Grand Mornington in Mornington tomorrow night.

Formed in 2006, the band has played in Darwin, Tasmania, Sydney, all over Victoria, Western Australia, Adelaide, Hamilton Island and even Japan.

Gareth Hill, the frontman for the band, became a Queen fan when he was a teenager.

Then he saw a tribute band perform “and I didn’t like what I saw”, Gareth told The Newsroom.

“I saw another tribute band, which was even worse, and I went up to the guitarist and I said you’re really good but the rest of your band was horrible and I can sing better than your lead singer. He invited me to jam and that’s how the band started.”

The Australian Queen Tribute Show is composed of Gareth (Freddie Mercury), Scotty Hotpants (Brian May), Brad Hodge (Roger Taylor), Darryn (John Deacon), and David Costabile (Spike Edney).

“They are really good,” Judith Mayer, a long-time Queen fan told The Newsroom. “The first time I saw them was at the Kyneton Bowling Club.”

Among the Queen hits the band will be rocking out tomorrow are We Are The Champions, Another One Bites The Dust, Somebody to Love and Pressure. – Story and photo by Sarah Batt

Link to original story here:

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Welcome to our new site!! Mon, 21 Jul 2014 09:50:24 +0000 Welcome to our new site!!

The biggest news this month is low and behold, this new website!!! After weeks and weeks of slaving over a hot Macbook Pro, Gareth has put together a new site for the band. It was time to update!!

Have a look around… You’ll find lots of cool photos, a full catalog of our Upcoming Events as well as every show we’ve ever done in the past in Past Events.

There are new Photo Galleries, an animated Home page and there’s of course, this BLOG!!

Keep an eye on the page as we will start adding sections to the blog and announcing the latest news on a regular basis. Not just our own news, but news about the latest happenings in the Queen world!!

Let us know what you think of the new site by commenting on this post and if you REALLY love it, let us know on our Facebook page at



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