Gary Bradshaw’s Review of Queen & Adam Lambert at Rod Laver Arena

Adam Lambert is perfectly suited to his role in Queen. He plays Adam Lambert perfectly.

Camp, glittery, sultry and pouty, Adam leads the audience through the catalogue of Queen material with such flair and confidence that hardened Queen fans took no time at all to start dancing in the aisles.

The Taylor family dominates the rhythm section. Roger and Rufus Taylor, Father and son, alternate between drummer and percussionist and even have a short drum battle mid show. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; Rufus smashes the skins like the best of them. Playing drums in the band whilst your Dad and Brian May perform right in front of you must be such a buzz for the young man. I hope he doesn’t take it for granted, I am sure he has been doing this his whole life. What a damn honour!

Brian May is master of his domain. His guitar squeals in ecstasy from start to finish, including a 10 minute solo. Brian seemed genuinely happy and humble to be strutting the stage, not a single look of the arrogance you could allow him, given his stellar career. I am not sure how many guitar changes there was, but the guitar tech earns his money on this gig!

There are a couple of other guys on stage and making music but this show is all about Mr Taylor, Adam Lambert and Dr Brian May, (he has a PhD in astrophysics)

There is even a sprinkle of Freddie during a couple of songs. You would have to see this to appreciate it, Freddie’s vocals played via massive video screens, along with the live instruments, was a feature I didn’t expect. It was only a couple of short pieces and paid homage to the man in such a cool way.

Nearly 30 songs were played including a couple of encores: ‘We will rock you’ and ‘We are the champions.’ You realise how many great songs this band had at a gig like this.

Well over 2 hours of amazing entertainment came to an end all too soon. When the lights came on, you could see smiles everywhere, high fives, cuddles and laughter. Unanimous in praise of both the show and Adam, everyone I spoke to after the gig was very positive and many were off to secure tickets to Saturdays show.

I could not think of a better person to be fronting this band today, Adam Lambert, You DID rock us!

Long live Queen

Gary Bradshaw

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